Being a go-to resource in the wedding industry, we are professionals who have dedicated our lives to this craft, and understand that choosing the right photographer/videographer can be overwhelmingly difficult to navigate, so we’ve narrowed down a few concepts to help you make a confident decision…



    Licensing and Insurance

Choosing to work with a photography company who has adequate insurance and licensing protects you, your guests and your venue, and it ensures you are working with professionals who know how to handle situations should they go awry. Don’t be hesitant to ask for the official stuff!

    Product & Taxes

Photography businesses are the same as any other. They are subject to collect sales tax. But only in certain situations. If product is included in your package (product being anything physical, such as a USB), it is legally required that sales tax be collected on the entire transaction. This is a really important concept to focus on when choosing a photographer. If the services are rendered and delivered in a digital format, you as the client, do not have to pay sales tax. This saves you potentially hundreds of dollars, and digital delivery of your photos is actually MUCH safer than a hard copy format. Say you choose a photographer that only offers USBs…what if your USB gets lost, stolen or broken?? It’s essential to have a digital, cloud based solution (and it saves you from paying unnecessary taxes…this is a win, win). I won’t touch on photographers that include product and do not charge sales tax because, well, it’s illegal…but if you do come across these types of businesses, we would recommend not going that route.

With MHP, your images are securely stored in a private cloud-based gallery for 10 years. So download to any computer, sharing via social media and making as many hard copy formats as you would like is always accessible and easy.

There is another PRO to not purchasing a package collection that includes product. You haven’t seen your pictures yet! How should you know if you’ll want a canvas or a 6×9 of certain photos?? Maybe you want an album after you see them or a jumbo-tron wall piece! (kidding)…

At MHP, we offer prints and heirloom albums through the highest quality professional print labs in the USA after your big day. This allows you to view your images before deciding what prints or product you would like to receive…makes sense doesn’t it?


The gear a photographer shoots with will largely determine the quality of your images. Most clients are not familiar with the ins and outs of photography equipment, but doing a little research goes a long way. At MHP, we use the highest quality equipment including the Canon Mark III series and prime lenses. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have as it relates to appropriate equipment for wedding day coverage.

    Rights to Your Photos

We get A LOT of questions about this. So here’s how it breaks down…there’s a difference between a copyright and rights for personal use. You have the rights to the personal use of your images. This means you can print them wherever you like, share them on social media…all the fun stuff. While MHP on the other hand, maintains the copyright as the creators of the images. This just means we reserve the right to authorize where the images can and cannot be used for any sort of marketing and public use. Also, sidenote: it’s illegal to right click or screen shot online gallery images or other images featured on this website, make copies from prints and sell or alter images received in digital or print format (not that you would do any of those things! Just an FYI).


You’ve likely come across a few companies at this point that sell pre-determined packages. While that may work for some, we believe collections really should fit you, not the other way around.

As an estimate, our brides typically spend around $450 on engagement or boudoir sessions with us and $2,400 for weddings. These numbers vary pretty drastically based on what you’re looking for, so we like to get to know you and understand what you really want prior to making any recommendations or providing quotes. That said, we would love to set up a consultation at your convenience, so please browse our website and contact us for more information.


“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance” -Aristotle

At MHP, we believe the art should speak for itself. It’s so much more than posing people or capturing a nice moment. It’s an understanding of people, the earth, the way an angle can wrap it’s subject and make it come to life. It’s not something that’s taught or learned, it’s given. Focus on it. You should feel it, and when you do, you know you’ve found your perfect photographer.

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